Wednesday, September 23, 2009

As a staff, we marked International Peace Day (Sept. 21) by coming together to discuss the work of justice and its relevance in our world today. It confirmed our belief that those who join us in service domestically and abroad are able to see themselves as global neighbors. That in reality the world is not divided as we see it on a globe or a map. That it is people who've created the dividing lines between states and countries, between peoples and cultures, and that its people who step over lines that seek to separate us. By giving of their talent, talent and treasure each volunteer be they 6 or 86 is helping to make manifest a more peace-filled society. Global Volunteers is proud to have been about the work of social justice for 25 years now.

My colleagues and I come to work each day because we feel what we're doing here is meaningful. We are so grateful to our change-waging volunteers, who say "yes" to doing that which they can do to bring about Peace and Justice in our time. Read more about our "Peace Day" observance here.
- Julie Costa, Global Volunteers Volunteer Manager

Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy International Day of Peace!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

New Bunk Beds at Seam's Children's Home in India

I personally thank all the Global Volunteers on behalf of all the children and staff at Seam's Children's Home for providing Bunk Beds for the children to have a comfortable and safe environment to sleep in.It has been a welcome addition to their home and all the little children love their new beds. The older ones need to wait another year for the Stage 2 of the Dormitories to be completed to accommodate additional Bunk Beds for them.This wonderful addition for the children has been possible only by your generous contribution through the Child Sponsorship Fund which helped us meet the basic needs of the children. And i believe your continuous support and help would enable us to carry on this good work to benefit more and more deprived children in our community.

Thank you very much,
Stephen Raja, Country Manager
Global Volunteers India Service Program