Friday, October 21, 2011

Join a Ground-Breaking Demonstration!

Working hand-in-hand with local people, you can build a better future for children living in poverty.

Our newest partner in development is in St. Lucia, West Indies. The reality is that while St. Lucia is popularly promoted as a sunny Caribbean tourist haven with few worries, St. Lucia’s children have much to be worried about. Due to insufficient child nutrition, infectious disease and significant poverty, their idyllic island has one of the lowest average IQs in the measured world. That’s why you’re needed there.

You can become part of one of the most important development efforts in Global Volunteers’ 28-year history. Central to our effort is offering comprehensive services in 12 areas – the “Essential Services” for a community’s development. In St. Lucia, West Indies, children struggle with the lowest IQs in the Western Hemisphere. Global Volunteers has launched an unprecedented program to assist our new host community of Anse la Reye, St. Lucia, to dramatically raise the IQ of their children by providing all 12 Essential Services …and thereby change the trajectory of the island’s future.

This is an exceptional “working vacation.” Take in the vast West Indies cultural and natural offerings – alluring ocean landscapes, exciting watersports, colorful craft markets, inviting local cusine, engaging music and dance -- and all the while, contribute to a ground-breaking project demonstrating the catalytic power of volunteers to improve health, nutrition and IQ. Read about the Essential Services—the foundation of this project. Our first teams to serve in Anse la Raye, St. Lucia are scheduled for January, March, September and November, 2012. Join us and leave your mark on world. And St. Lucia, in turn, will leave its mark on you. Call today (800-487-1074). Apply here.