Monday, June 25, 2007

It's a Small World

It is a small world. We were enjoying an ice cream on a hot day in Central Park in NYC while visiting our daughters. While relaxing on a park bench a cell phone call came in asking for a short interview about our experiences with Global Volunteers in Peru last year. My husband, Peter, and I were both part of the Lima team in Nov. 2006. While answering the interviewer's questions I couldn't believe my eyes. Coming toward us was a team member I had worked closely with in the orphanage in Lima. We cared for two small children with special needs and traveled each day by death-defying taxi to take the two to physical therapy. Suddenly there she was vacationing with friends in NYC. Big hugs and smiles and photos all around. Serendipity made for a special moment for us all and helped to renew our happy thoughts about our accomplishments in Peru and the friends we made in service with Global Volunteers.