Friday, February 25, 2011


Calling all Global Volunteers!!!

The children of Calderon need you and with the help of a few dedicated volunteers, we have been able to save our April service program dates from APRIL 9 - 16. If you are able to volunteer for one week this spring, please contact our Volunteer Coordinators as soon as possible at 800-487-1074 to discuss joining this team!!

If you're curious what you'll be working on in Calderon, Ecuador (a suburb of Quito) please read on:

The spectacular ancient Andean culture, with its haunting music, expressive dance and vibrant dress, is matched only by the enchanting landscapes and hospitable people. In Ecuador, eleven distinct cultures weave harmoniously together to unite past and present.

As a Global Volunteer, you experience Ecuador through her children, their families and care-givers. Extreme poverty is the reality for the children you'll serve in the Quito area, but you can help improve opportunities in these young lives. Our service program enables you to provide direct, hands-on care for pre-schoolers through an amazing grassroots organization. No matter your background, your personal efforts improve these youngsters' well-being. What's more, through your service program fee, Global Volunteers is able to purchase materials directed to the children's imminent needs.

The daily needs of the economically impoverished children we serve in Calderon, Ecuador are simple, and you represent an important resource for education, recreation and basic social development. The childcare centers built and expanded through the assistance of Global Volunteers teams provides safe and stimulating environments for mothers to leave their children so they can provide a better future for their families.

Our Ecuadorian host partner needs your help in these areas:
Childcare - infants and pre-schoolers.
Construction - a new child care facility.
Physical labor - landscaping, painting and masonry.
English language skills - informal one-on-one teaching

Please call or e-mail us TODAY if you are interested in joining us this April. Your time and skills are needed in Calderon, so why wait?!?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The "Magic" of English

"The learning in a community is like casting a pebble into a pond. The 'small rings of gentle waves' extend further into a community than one might first realize. It is not just what is taught in two weeks that is important but it is the impact of a continuous series of teams of volunteers who keep returning to a community and working with the residents." Read more of Team Leader Milt Diehl's reflections on the Hungary Blog.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

An Journal Excerpt from Cisternino, Italy!

Submitted by: Volunteer Diana

Thought for the day: "Helping people is harder than it looks. But our efforts to empower others also empower ourselves." ~ Nicholas Kristoff, columnist

Now that it is Friday, it seems as if the week has just flown by! We are very comfortable as we walk into Don Quirico Punzi; it does not seem as loud and chaotic. We have adapted to the environment and have developed a feeling of affection for these fresh-faced adolescents.

Jay was with his normal teaching situation – Giovanna – and obviously has a niche that is quite comfortable. Corinne has great skill in facilitating conversation among her students in a gentle but corrective way. She is our resident talk-show host, but way more elegant than Tyra or Oprah.

Me? I had a great time composing letters from our Italian students to their counterparts in California. I am going to organize individual responses back to each student, answering their questions in the letters. I also plan to incorporate some photos of the American students. The letters led nicely to many discussions. For example, if a student writes about a particular singer, I whip out my trusty Blackberry and Google that person; we read the articles together. (Speaking of singers, today in 4th hour, it was a real treat to have Warren sing to us. He gave us a really melodic version of a country song, “On the Road Again.” He is quite good; the girls and I were impressed!)

Warren also did an activity at lunch that re-visited the goals we set earlier in the experience. He wanted us to do a check on where we were and what we were doing to reach our goals. It was cause for personal reflection and assessment for each of us.

Alberobello was on our Friday excursion plan so we had a driver pick us up at 4:30. After driving through beautiful farmland dotted with trulli, we arrived in Trulliville Extraordinaire! We marveled at the rather amazing construction of the slabbed rock roof of each trulli—even on the simple church downtown. I purchased an adorable knit sweater for my sweet grandson and Corinne treated us to a glass of wine in honor of my departure.

Speaking of my departure, I am feeling a little “off” and unsettled about leaving early, but I have a family wedding to attend in Cinqueterra. I will miss my comrades.

To Warren, team leader of great excellence, keep singing!

To Jay, notice all the good things that surround you and enjoy that Hagen Das!

To Corinne, keep those students talking and pronouncing their English correctly!

You are a fun trio to be around; I’ll miss you!

~ Diana

Friday, February 04, 2011

EarthBoxes in Chennai!!!

Did you happen to see our EarthBox photos from India on Facebook last week? If not, please check out some of the amazing images below!!

In early January a team of Global Volunteers brought the first Earthboxes to Chennai to be cared for and used by the children at the SEAMS Childrens Home. Volunteers will help the children care for the produce, learn about nutrition and use the final products in their daily meals!!!

Please check back often to read more about our EarthBox efforts! Not only will we be supporting this effort in India, but also in our host communities in Ghana, Tanzania, and Peru!

Stay tuned for updates and photos!!!