Saturday, April 24, 2010

April 24th, 2010

Prepared by Robb

Despite worries of volcanic ash causing flight disruptions, it was a thunderstorm in Denver which causes delays and a missed flight. Still made the flight to Accra which was key, but Kathleen and I missed each other on the Accra flight. Esther was waiting proudly with the Global Volunteers sign and gave me a big warm hug and Akwaaaba. It was nice to be welcomed so warmly. Kathleen, who was on the same flight, arrived shortly thereafter. Esther again dispensed her warm hug and Akwaaba. Then we were off for the Airport View Hotel.

Kathleen and I then headed off for the western shopping mall of Accra. Young adults filled the place just looking and hanging out. The crowds did not deter us from our mission of wine and snacks. Filled with a cart of wine, we fled the mobs, negotiated for a taxi and then headed back to the Airport View Hotel for dinner with Esther, Yaw, and Sarah. The company was great, the food was decent, and the lighting was brutally bright. The day of entry into Ghana was smooth and easy. Spending time with Esther and Kathleen and knowing we would be leaving for Senchi Ferry the next day, made me forget the volcanic ash and the thunderstorms as I was back in Ghana.