Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Good Friends and a "Scratcher" Fulfills her Dream to Serve in Romania

There are two things people know about me: I’m turning 40 in July, and I’m passionate about volunteering. I've wanted to work with Global Volunteers for over ten years, and the timing couldn’t be more right for me personally, professionally, and spiritually.

Instead of a big birthday celebration, I’ve signed up to volunteer in Romania at the Tutova Clinic caring for infants and children who were abandoned or given up.

In order to do so, I had to raise $2,495 for my one week service, plus pay for my airfare. I was concerned that asking for donations from friends and family would be difficult given the economy, but they pulled through and I was lucky enough to meet my goal months before my service date!

My last concern was the airfare. Like so many others, the economy has hit me as well. I've been furloughed and have lost 7% of my salary and hit with other financial set backs. I'm trying hard to keep my credit card debt down, but ended up charging $938 for the airline ticket to Romania. I had $225 in extra donations that I was putting towards the flight, but still had to come up with the $700.

While in Phoenix Memorial Day Weekend visiting family, I decided to buy a $2.00 lottery scratcher. It ended up being a winner! When I scratched off the prize amount, I was shocked to see I had just won $777, almost the exact amount needed for the airline ticket! If that isn't the Universe being good to me, I don't know what is! Eternally grateful and heading to Romania!

Cindy Cordova


Unknown said...

I'm going to W. Virginia for my "first" stint at volunteering at this level. I just turned 60 and I'm hoping to make it an annual thing til...