Friday, September 24, 2010

Report From Romania

It is hard to believe I only have two days left at the clinic. I found out today that there will be only one person on the next team, someone who hasn't been here before. There were supposed to be 2 people and sounds like one person had to cancel at the last minute. It actually crossed my mind to see if I could stay for another week but I think I need to get home for multiple reasons, like making money so I can come back. Apparently the team after this next one has 2 people, then Nov. has 6 people, then 2 people in Dec. and after that I don't know. I am worried about these small teams, especially with new babies and others who need attention.

I've started writing in the childrens' journals that we leave for the upcoming volunteers. It is always fun to read back, especially to entries I wrote when I was last here in February. Some children have made good progress and for others it is very slow. I was pleased to see Cristi Daniel who has Down's syndrome becoming more active and then I realized he is 4 years old and probably not even at 1 year developmentally. Still, as long as they are doing better that is the most important thing.
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