Friday, November 19, 2010

Please Come and Work With Us in Tanzania!

To all my beloved volunteers who have come on the Tanzania program, I take this opportunity to thank you and wish you my best and would also like to invite you again to help us by serving on another program. And we also ask you to encourage your friends and family to also come to our community as a volunteer.

In the past 6 months, 30 Global Volunteers came to Pomerini and Ipalamwa. Whole heartedly, they contributed their time and talents in the two communities through serving, teaching, and learning with us. There were plenty of opportunities for the volunteers to help us in various projects teaching students, construction, attending patients, equipping the community with primary health supplies, painting, and coaching in sports.

As always, the people of Pomerini and Ipalamwa extended a warm welcome to the Global Volunteers. The local people took time off from their busy lives and freely mingled with the volunteers to know more about the volunteers and also to share information about their lives and the needs and goals of the community.

Computer education was a welcome subject for our students which is presently taught in Pomerini only. Both students and teachers now have a better understanding of Power Point, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, etc.

The local people learned how to construct an environmentally friendly stove through Global Volunteers. Sixty local people attended the stove construction demonstration which went hand in hand with the teaching of primary health and hygiene to sixteen primary health service providers from eight villages in Pomerini.

Volunteer donations also provided medications and supplies to Pomerini and Ipalamwa Clinics. The schools received supplies like wall maps, erasers, chalk, globes, books, pens and pencils. This has greatly helped our schools in meeting the shortage of supplies.

Thank you for your contribution of your precious time with us, and also your skills, materials, and the good spirit you bring to our community. I want to remind you that our fight to improve our community is still on and with your help we will definitely win. So I kindly request you to come back again.

We love you all,
Edward Mgeni, Tanzania Country Manager