Saturday, May 07, 2011

A valued and resourceful volunteer, Esther Schak, shared with us this creative tip for “paying it forward” each year. She enthusiastically shares it here with you:

“Dear fellow volunteers: I was curious about the true value of my Global Volunteers tax deduction, so I prepared my individual taxes this year both with the Global Volunteers charitable deduction and without. I realized that deducting the program fee, airfare, travel insurance and visa would net me almost $1,500 more than without that deduction! I always heard about the value of the tax deduction, but I really didn’t think seriously about it until I analyzed it this way myself. I’m looking forward to using the refund for my next service program this year. It’s like recycled money! I’m off to China again in a few weeks. Can’t wait!"
- Esther Schak

Will you consider how you might invest your tax return this year into a Global Volunteers service program like Esther does and “pay your good fortune forward” with us? Thanks for your consideration!